Let's Celebrate Together

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wanted Celebrate My Birthday Week with you and give you all Free Shipping with every Order from the Shop.
Use code: BIRTHDAY when checking out. Expires 2/24/12

Next week is My Birthday which is Bitter Sweet, because 40 is just around the corner.

Decided for now on I'm going to be in Denial and 30 forever. Absolutely loved turning 30 it was Amazing. When I turned 35 knew it was down hill from there, HA!

My Goal this year is to come up New Designs that are Fabulous for the Shop. That you will all Love.

Keep an eye out this weekend, will be a listing Queen.

Wanted to Thank you all for the Support you have given me the last few months. Sassy Lemonade wouldn't be without you all.



  1. Thank you Alynne! I look forward to my time to be able to make everything. Makes me Smile:)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. i'm lame and late wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    hope it was awesome, like you xoxo

  3. Hannah you are too Sweet, Thank you!