Eisley Rae Cozy Cuff Giveaway

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When Alyson asked if I wanted to Host this Giveaway was thinking umm Hello Yes!!! I'm in love with all her Cozies Cuffs they are Pretty Fabulous.

Now You have a Chance to Win a Cozy Cuff of your Choice from Eisley Rae Which Means you have a choice of a Coffee Cozy or a Mason Jar Cozy. How cool is that?!

Meet Alyson with Eisley Rae...

Hi, I'm Alyson from Eisley Rae.

Blogging, sewing, crafting, and painting are some of my favorite things to do. For quite some time now I've had a deep love for sewing and creating things for my sweet kids, Brookelyn and Cohen.

Although I'm not sewing kids clothes anymore, I am having fun now making a little of this and that. But, mostly I make adorable (I think anyway, haha) coffee cuffs and mason jar wraps!

My inspiration comes from my kids, colors, the outdoors, shopping, and the gorgeous fabric that's out there today!

Thanks so much to Shannon for having me!

Good luck. xoxo

First Two Entries are Mandatory. Don't forget to let her know I sent you! xo
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  1. hi purple green and grey coffee cup cuff :)

  2. my favourite is this one: http://eisleyrae.storenvy.com/products/389869-mason-jar-wrap-purple-grey-green-herringbone-and-chevron-print

  3. I love this one! http://eisleyrae.storenvy.com/products/258198-hi-purple-grey-green-coffee-cuff

  4. Love the turquoise and lace chevron coffee cuff!

  5. I love the Mason jar wrap that says MINE! :) Perfect for living in the South!

  6. I like the Turquoise & Yellow Lace Chevron Coffee Cuff!

  7. Love the Turquoise & Yellow Lace Chevron Coffee Cuff!

  8. Love the yellow & blue- super cute. Found you from Utterly Chaotic

  9. I like the purple, grey and green coffee wrap!


  10. OH MY I am in love with the mason jar cozy!!!

  11. Oops I somehow wasn't able to comment which one was my favorite...idk if this is the place to do it or not! But if so, I adore the MINE mason jar wrap!