Sassy Lemonade Turns 1

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm excited to announce Sassy Lemonade has turned 1. Woot!

Boy did this last year fly by and I want to Thank everyone of you for being there for me. I feel very Blessed to have you by all my side, your Support means a lot. Trying to hold back the tears writing this post, it's hard.

I Absolutely Love making Jewelry and hearing how someone Loves what I made melts my Heart. Seriously wouldn't be here without you. This is My Dream Coming True.

Keep an eye out this Month there will be some Fabulous Giveaways. Even for Past Customers they even have a chance on Winning some Fabulous items.

Today to kick off Sassy Lemonade's Birthday Month, You have the Chance to Win Two things: A Sassy Lemonade Birthday Necklace and a Large Ad Space on HiYa Luv

Let me introduce you to The Fabulous Gina with Hiya Luv she Giving away Large Ad Space on her Website.

You have to Stop by her Blog and let her know I sent you. She has such a Big Heart you will Love her, Promise!

hiya luv

Hello Sassy Lemonade readers!

My name is Gina and I blog at Hiya Luv ! I am new into my 30's and am loving this time in my life. I am a wife, a doggie mama to our pup Polo, and I work at the University of Delaware by day and love to blog by night when I am not out on the town dating my husband;)

Hiya Luv was born in 2009, but I had been using the form of expression for seven years prior to that as a friendly salutation. Hiya Luv comes from my experience studying abroad in England in 2002. Men would say to women as they passed by or in friendly conversation, "Hiya Luv" and I thought it was charming. Hiya Luv is a form of expression that still warms my heart to this day and makes me feel special and that is what I want for my readers. I want my readers to feel like they matter and that they are special.

Hiya Luv is a lifestyle blog and is ever evolving as I grow and change. You will find that I love to help promote others and encourage them on their journey whether it be with blogging, handmade business, or just life in general. I often blog about my weight loss journey through Weight Watchers, beauty and product reviews, stories about my life, thoughts and self-expression.

I hope you will stop by and say hi!

1st Question is Mandatory! If you had 1 Wish what would it be?

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  1. HAPPY Birthday Sassy Lemonade!!
    Heidi @ Mustache Mama

  2. My Family to be happy & have everythign they need*

  3. Happy birthday SL :) Love the necklace.

  4. As stupid as it sounds,I can't think of anything! We have our little house, the kids are healthy & well adjusted & barring any car break downs we can pay our bills & feed ourselves quite nicely...we're good!

  5. That any outfits I repin on pinterest would immediately be added to my closet ;)

    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  6. Happy 1 Year Birthday, Sassy Lemonade!


  7. I'd wish for insecurity to be wiped off the planet. Everyone deserves to understand their truest potential, and it breaks my heart to see people who are shrouded with insecurity to a point where they can't realize it.

  8. That all of my family lived close. :( My brother and his family have lived out of state for 5 years now, and now my MIL is moving. I hate being away from loved ones!

  9. My one wish right now is to get my own jewelry shop up and running!
    But usually, I just wish to graduate nursing school with my brain in tact.

  10. I'd wish to have guaranteed good health for the rest of my {long} life, as well as for my family & friends

  11. My wish would simply be to be happy. Happy with life, with myself, and with every passing moment. Congrats on turning one! xoxo

  12. I would wish for contentment instead of always wondering if there was something better.

  13. my wish would be to have more money. my husband and i have college loans and would love to someday afford a down payment for a home.

  14. I wish my little bro and his wife lived closer!

  15. If I had one wish, it would be that my family and I would have great health. Update: Ps your word verification is on and it has already taken me multiple times to post this

  16. That sex trafficking didn't exist. I know. What a downer, right? :)

  17. I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    Check it out on my post!