Styling Sassy Lemonade

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Styling Sassy Lemonade by Kendall of Song Birds & Buttons.


Dressy jacket

H&M slim jeans
$16 -

Ballet flat
$41 -

Right before the chill of winter officially hits I love to soak up all that is the end of the fall season. Where the weather is just chilly enough for a light jacket, and when you can wear your flats without your toes freezing. And while putting together an outfit I couldn't help but wonder what I could accessorize with. I was searching for something that would add a pop of color without being too overwhelming. I opened up my browser and searched and my computer screen was flooded with beautiful options. I was immediately drawn to the Kristen layered bracelet (as shown). I love the look of "stacking" bracelets without actually "stacking" them. Achieving that layered look with a little less bulk. This bracelet is perfect for that - and it has the added bonus of adding different textures as well. The mix of ribbon, chain, and beads is extremely unique and perfect to pair with a simple outfit like the one pictured above. Don't you think?

Other good matches from The Chelsea, Here's Looking at you Kid, Simple and Sweet Love Charm Bracelet.

Take a look here - and let us know what you would pair with this outfit!

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