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Sunday, April 29, 2012

On having a Big Smack of Reality at SNAP...

What I learned that I need to stay on is Consistency, which I'm horrible at. I feel the only thing consistent in our home is Doctor and Therapy appointments for the kids. If you don't see me blogging each week I give you permission to get on to me and call me a Slacker. HA!

Since I have came home seriously do not know where to start or even process everything I learned from SNAP. Want to jump in and do it all.
Every Session I attended was Amazing and the Speakers blew me away with their Knowledge.

One of my Lovely Roomies was Monick of LilyBugLane she is Genuine and I feel Lucky to have roomed with such a Great Gal. She made this Lovely Hair Piece, it's just Fabulous!

We both Won Stencils from Royal Design Studio's.
Can't wait to stencil up our walls and show you all. I am loving all their Designs, wish I could buy everything in the Catalog.:)

When you have a moment check out Royal Design Studio's Website.

More on SNAP tomorrow...xoxo


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